Design & Development

We are involved in all of this:

Web Design & Development

Websites can be anything from simple 'brochure' sites to huge systems which just happen to be accessible over the internet.

We have developed websites at just about every level. Whether you simply want a presence on the web, or you want to start selling online, or if you have a completely different requirement, we can probably help:

Non-Web Development

Not every piece of software is web-based, although it seems like it some times! We have been involved in the design and development of a wide range of non-web systems over the years, for mobile devices, desktops, client-server and mainframe platforms.

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Web or Not?

In the good old days there were systems that ran on desktop PCs or servers, and there were websites. Over time, web servers have become more and more capable, so there is now little distinction between the two. Indeed, many desktop systems use web browsers for their user interface.

It is often advantageous for a system to use a web interface because so many devices incorporate web browsers (e.g. computers, TVs and phones).