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How do I choose a Domain Name?

Firstly, there are some rules:

  • The name can be up to 47 characters in length
  • It can be made up of letters, numbers and '-' signs
  • It must be unique (i.e. nobody has registered it already)
  • If you want to register a name, it must reflect exactly the name of your limited company

We believe that 'concept' names are often more effective than company names. For instance, if you sell hand-crafted furniture, we would suggest

rather than

Why? You'll probably get a lot of your site traffic via Search Engines - your visitors may just be looking for furniture, and probably won't know the name of your business at that point. Thus, 'furniture' will score higher in the Search Engine rankings.

How can I check whether the name I want is already taken?

Use our Check Domain Name facility, at the top-right of eavery page. If the name you want is available you can buy it online.

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