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Do I need web hosting as well as a domain name?

Not necessarily.

You can own a domain name without having a website

Even if you haven't yet got a website we recommend you register your domain name to prevent someone else from registering it.

  • You can point the name at a website straight away, or at a later date. You don't have to buy your web hosting package from us.
  • You can receive emails via that domain name straight away (e.g. if you registered, any emails sent to, say, could be redirected to your existing email account).
  • You can point more than one domain name at the same website.
  • You may be able to point your domain name at the free webspace which your Internet Service Provider gives you.

How many Domain Names should I register?

You can register as many domain names as you wish. If you are registering names for your website we recommend 'cornering the market' in your name - try to register the .com, and .net etc. versions of the name, plus any variants which are close to your name. This should minimise the amount of traffic which accidentally goes to a similarly-named site and prevents competitors setting up similarly-named sites.

For example, if you register, but your competitor registers, .net, .org, and, where do you think most of your traffic will go?

You can 'park' more than one domain name on a website. For instance and could point to the same site. However, some search engines will penalise your listing if too many names are parked on one site, so don't overdo it!

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