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eCommerce Websites

If you want to start selling on the Web, we can help.

Goldseal has in-depth experience of creating and maintaining eCommerce sites. Our software of choice is osCommerce, an widely-used Open Source system. We have created everything from 'standard' osCommerce sites to highly customised online booking systems. We have even managed to fit an eCommerce system into a website which had already been developed by someone else.

eCommerce systems are rarely simple to set up. Often, important aspects will be overlooked - taking payments, shipping, order tracking, refunds, discounts and so on. We can guide you through the whole process, with the aim of producing an online shop that actually works for you!

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This is an Open Source eCommerce system.

For our purposes, Open Source means that the software is available for no charge. You don't buy the software from us or from anyone else - you pay for our time spent setting the software up, and any customisation work.

The osCommerce system has been around for several years, and hundreds of developers contribute to it, which means you get the benefit of their efforts.