Service Announcements

Announcements regarding service status (e.g. availability of websites) will be posted on our Twitter account, and will be visible on this page and in COLIN our Reminders, Renewals and Helpdesk System.

Existing Hosting & Domain Name Customers

You can access COLIN, our Reminders, Renewals and Helpdesk System, here.

Please remember that you should report any problems via COLIN. We receive text alerts which prompt us to investigate your report. If you send us an email instead, it may not get seen immediately, and it may even be lost in the depths of our Junk Mail folder!

If the problem you are about to report has already appeared in our Twitter announcements, there is no need to log it in COLIN - we already know about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you monitor your services 24/7?
If I have a problem can I telephone you?
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How long does it take to set up a web hosting package?
I already have a website, but can you host it?
If I buy a hosting package, can you install software package XYZ on it?
I have web hosting already - can you create me a website?
We have a large project - why should we talk to a small business such as yours?
My computer isn't working. Can you help?

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