Secure Form & CGI Hosting

Add Secure Server features to your existing website

Goldseal's Secure Form & CGI Package allows you to add Secure Server (SSL) capabilities to your website without having to change your existing web hosting arrangements.

What is SSL?

Normally, information is transmitted between a web site and a visitor's web browser in 'plain text' form. This information could be intercepted and exploited by a hacker.

When you establish a Secure Server (or SSL) connection, all information passing between the web server and the browser is encrypted and is very difficult (if not impossible) to decode.

What Could I Use SSL For?

Transmission or collection of any information you consider private - sensitive details, personal information and so on. You can use our package to:

  • Host secure web pages and forms
  • Host Perl and PHP scripts* which must run over an SSL connection
  • Create Subdirectories
  • Store files
  • Send Emails (but we can't allow you to send bulk emails)

* We reserve the right to check scripts to ensure they are not resource-hogs

What about my existing Web Host?

You can carry on using your existing Web Hosting package. All you would do is establish hyperlinks to and from your Secure web pages.

I Use a Free Web Host

Again, no problem. In fact, this package allows you to run CGI scripts where many free Web Hosts don't.

How Long Does it Take to Set Up?

Normally, less than 24 hours during the working week.

How Do I Sign Up?

Buy Secure Form and CGI hosting

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What about Certificates?

Web Servers have certificates to verify that the web browser really is connected to a legitimate machine. Certificates are issued by recognised and trusted third parties such as Thawte and Verisign.

Use of our server's certificate comes as part of our package.

What Do I Get?

10mB webspace
1gB bandwidth
SSI (server-side includes)
Your own cgi-bin
FTP access
Password-protected pages
Regular backups
Form-to-email script
Secure server (SSL)

£49 per year or £4.50 per month