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Web Presence - Brochure websites

A Brochure site is just that - it announces your presence on the Web. Like a printed brochure, it might consist of three or four pages, including an 'About Us' page and contact details.

We would work with you, using any existing marketing material, websites you like (and those you don't), to produce a unique design. You would then have the opportunity to comment on the design, and if necessary we would change it. We would repeat this until the design was to your satisfaction (within reason!). We would then produce the rest of your brochure site using the finalised design.

How much?

There isn't a simple answer to this.

It depends on how complex the design is, how many existing photos and graphics you have, whether you want to use our web hosting, whether you need a domain name and so on.

A Complete, Flexible Package

If required, we can do everything to get your presence on the Web. We can register a domain name for you, create your website and host it on our servers.

If you already have a domain name and/or a web hosting package, that is no problem. We simply provide the things you don't have.

Want to register a domain name?
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What is in a Brochure Site?

That is entirely up to you, but think of it as an online version of a paper brochure.

Your Home Page should give the website visitor a brief introduction to you, and to what you do. An 'About Us' page can give more detail, and maybe you'll need a 'Products and Services' page. A 'Contact' page may contain your postal and email addresses, and may contain an online contact form.